Birthday in a Box

Birthday in a Box is designed for an inclusive treat for children's kindy, school or birthday celebration. So you also don't feel left out, this box is great for your work place treat as well.  Each box comes with a minimum of 30 mini cupcakes and a candle.  Each cupcake is topped off with a small fondant topper which is themed to whatever takes your little or not so little person's fancy.  It all comes together beautifully presented in sturdy cupcake box.  The word on the ground from a special little man who's Birthday in a Box is pictured below is that these were a huge hit. Something that even the teachers are still talking about.

These box's start from $40.00 for the 30 Mini Cupcake in a Box. 

*Each box is labeled with a list of ingredients which is an all important feature for most settings today. 

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