• Signature Chocolate Cupcakes: a moist chocolate cupcake topped with buttercream or cream cheese frosting.
  • Red Velvet:  This is a family favourite.  The beautiful rich red coloured cake is irresistible  from the batter to the box.  It's then frosted with a soft cream cheese frosting.
  • Vanilla Cupcake:  Using the best quality vanilla & buttermilk these vanilla cupcakes hit the spot, topped with the icing of your choice.

  • Traditional Vanilla Cupcake: This cupcake is one that your nanny would have made. I love the texture and vanilla flavour of this cupcake.  It's a great one for the kids & adults who like the old fashion taste and texture.   Frosting of your choice. 
  • Chocolate Rolo: These are perfect for caramel lovers.  Hidden inside my signature chocolate cupcake is a perfectly softened Rolo. Frosted in your choice of buttercream or cream cheese frosting with a another Rolo on top and a drizzle of caramel. 

  • Lemon Meringue Cupcake:  

  • Choc Caramel:

  • Cookies & Cream:

  • Chocolate Tim Tam:

  • Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake: