Happy Eightieth

I loved the flowers on this cake. I also love it when the customer has a clear idea on what they want for the cake. Trish gave me a sketch to work from which made things so much easier. I was really happy with the end results and so was the birthday girl. Happy 80th!

The Hunger Games: May the odds be ever in your favour.

If you've seen The Hunger Games movie then you'll be right up with what it all means. I myself have never seen it because I don't do the whole people being hunted by other people thing very well. This cake was really fun but challenging to make though the end result was so much better than I expected.. I made the mockingjay over two days using a tutorial from this site finishing the mockingjay off with ediable gold spray. The gold colour in the top photo was how it actually looked, but the photos below don't show just how rich the gold colour actually was. Then the rest was pretty quick. The quote on it "may the odds be ever in your favor!" for those of us who don't know is just good luck. This cake was for a 14th birthday. Keehly sketched the cake out exactly how she wanted it and I stayed pretty close to it. I didn't put flames all around the cake because it would have over shadowed the quote. I can tell you she loved it when the box was opened. So a big happy 14th Keehly!!!

My Little Pony

These cupcakes received the 'stamp of approval' from my two resident critics, so I knew they'd be a hit for little miss four and her kindy class today. I did try a new vanilla cupcake recipe, so I was a little apprehensive. My Luce doesn't particularly like overly sweet things, so when she came back for a second cupcake I was a little more confident. Add fluffy buttercream and a My Little Pony Cutie Mark and it looked we might have a hit. I'm so looking forward to creating a cake for little miss 4's birthday next week. Today I had my offsider supervising the making of some My Little Pony accents for cake. Its so lovely having my little grandbaby (whoops, she's almost 4 and not a baby and is happy to remind anyone that would say otherwise) sitting with me planning her cake as we make this one for another big four year old.

Happy 21st

This 21st birthday cake was done in record time but I loved making it. The cake was my Signature Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting between the layers. I never get tired of my Signature chocolate cake recipe. Its always perfectly moist, deeply chocolate with a delicious texture. So happy 21st Ella,and a big thank-you to your aunt who gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Farewell Dr. Ben

Well, I've been off to a busy start this year. It's almost March already! I loved doing this cake as I've been wanting to do one of these sorts of cakes for a while, so was thrilled when Veronika placed an order for another 'doctor' cake.  Sadly though it was for her very favourite doctor who was relocating north.  Veronika is one of my 'frequent flyers' and I've loved every cake she's ordered.   I'm playing with an ANZAC cake for her husband's battalion, so watch this space!

Game On

This was a cake order that my kids were eagerly waiting on. The very lovely Veronika had ordered a 'Call of Duty' themed cake for her son's 17th birthday, and I hope it didn't disappoint.  Having not had any experience with the game itself, I had to do a bit of homework on this one. 
The cake was a double layered cake completely covered in fondant.  Mr. Call of Duty skeleton man was also made with fondant as was the features on the sides.  I did use real bullets around the base of the cake. My husband did go as far as contacting the governing body to ensure that it was legal to use them as accents next to the cake. 
This was a really fun cake to do.  Happy 17th!