My Little Pony

These cupcakes received the 'stamp of approval' from my two resident critics, so I knew they'd be a hit for little miss four and her kindy class today. I did try a new vanilla cupcake recipe, so I was a little apprehensive. My Luce doesn't particularly like overly sweet things, so when she came back for a second cupcake I was a little more confident. Add fluffy buttercream and a My Little Pony Cutie Mark and it looked we might have a hit. I'm so looking forward to creating a cake for little miss 4's birthday next week. Today I had my offsider supervising the making of some My Little Pony accents for cake. Its so lovely having my little grandbaby (whoops, she's almost 4 and not a baby and is happy to remind anyone that would say otherwise) sitting with me planning her cake as we make this one for another big four year old.

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