Baby Fletcher's Special Day

For his very special day, Fletcher had a double layered Signature Chocolate Cake with Cream Cheese frosting. This cake did have a little story to it, but we got there in the end. I was very happy to hear that Bec received many compliments on the cake and most important was that she loved it. It was my pleasure to make this cake for such a beautiful family. Thanks again Bec

My Little Pony Party

My Little Pony is the perfect birthday theme for this precious little one. Now I did need to call upon the fount of all 'My Little Pony Knowledge' to ensure that I was reasonably accurate with the 'cutie marks'.  Cutie Marks you may ask?  Yes, my Lucy can tell you each pony has their special marking and this is  as essential as knowing that any good pirate wears an eye patch.  The fondant toppers below are different cutie marks.  Applejack, Twilight Sparkle.....  That would be Fluttershy sitting up there on top of the cake. 

Happy 7th Birthday 

Happy Birthday to a Harry Potter Fan.

Maddie very most BFF is a Harry Potter fan.  Not just any HP fan, but a diehard.  With that being the case there was only one cake that would do and as she is in Hufflepuff that too narrowed down the field.  When the cake was cut, it had brown and yellow layers.  The girls went to the school fancy dress dance as Bellatrix Lestrange & Deatheater.  They did come home with first prize and Miss Bellatrix loved her cake.

Australian School of Performing Arts, Film & Television

This photo is the property of the ASPAFTV
This photo is the property of the ASPAFTV

Last term Jess took a course at ASPAFTV.  It was a 10 week course and she had loads of fun.  The final afternoon the parents were welcomed in to watch the kids perform their individual and partnered pieces.  These were filmed 'in front of a live audience' I guess you could say.  Some of those young kids had spunk alright.

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