Game On

This was a cake order that my kids were eagerly waiting on. The very lovely Veronika had ordered a 'Call of Duty' themed cake for her son's 17th birthday, and I hope it didn't disappoint.  Having not had any experience with the game itself, I had to do a bit of homework on this one. 
The cake was a double layered cake completely covered in fondant.  Mr. Call of Duty skeleton man was also made with fondant as was the features on the sides.  I did use real bullets around the base of the cake. My husband did go as far as contacting the governing body to ensure that it was legal to use them as accents next to the cake. 
This was a really fun cake to do.  Happy 17th!

Is There A Doctor In The House.

This was fun cake to make.  A lovely lady contacted me to make a cake for a young doctor at the Mater A&E.  The young lady was from England and away from her family on her birthday. Veronika order the cake to help make the day special for her.  

The cake was 10"x10" double decker Signature Chocolate cake with buttercream. 

Taking It For The Team

Happy 21st Ty.

I loved doing this cake for Ty's 21st.  His mum Melanie & I met on the first day of year 1 which seemed like yesterday but was actually 43 years ago. She choose a Lakers jersey as they had a family trip to the USA and actually watched the LA Lakers play inbetween a fantastic adventure around Las Vegas.
The cake was my Signature Chocolate Cake with Buttercream covered with fondant. The cake was placed on an 18"x14" cake board for size.