This was so much fun to create a cake and cupcakes with a pirate theme. Cap'n Jackson was turning the very big 5 which we all know is a whole hand now so his mum ordered something special for him.  The cake is a 14' x 14' square chocolate cake with buttercream.  My girls had seen me make the fondant map then the next time they saw it it was in pieces.  "what happened", stay calm I actually broke it myself.

Before I iced the cake I burrowed into the centre of it, carefully making a 'secret cave' in which to bury some hidden treasure. I popped the cake into its box and included this special scroll for Cap'n Jackson to read so he'd know to be on the look out when cutting the cake that there is some 'pirate booty' buried for him and his mates.  Can't wait to see the photo's of the inside.


The fondant toppers I made in keeping with the pirate theme are rather cute.  Fortunately they aren't particularly menacing pirates so I think we'll all be safe for another day.

So a very special happy birthday Cap'n Jackson 

Savannah's Baby Shower

Well it was very fortuitous that the 2 Grandma's held the baby shower when they did.  There was so much speculation on the night about how 'low' the baby was and some reminding that there was still 3 weeks worth of 'cooking' left.  Savannah's Great Grandma wasn't having any of it and firmly told everyone that you could expect her arrival at any time. Sure enough not even 48 hours later Savannah arrived safe and sound and instantly surrounded by an abundance of love.  Congratulations to you all.