Happy 2nd Birthday Ava & Connor

 'Farm Yard' was the theme for the twins 2nd birthday party and its all about cake.  Well at least for the twins.  When they hear the name Grandma, Ava immediately say's "Grandma cake". Once she arrives at our home and she's done her 'I'm so shy' routine for about 5 seconds, its straight to my side, takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen in search of cake.  I do digress but they are pretty darn cute.  
Back to the party now.  As always Cait excels herself in the party throwing.  This year was no exception.  The day came complete with their very own John Deere cardboard tractor, piggy bean bag toss,  hay bale horsy, and everyone dressed up for their day on the 'farm'.
Can you believe that the rocks on Connor's cake are chocolate!  

Thanks to Maddie (12) once again for helping out with the cake.  She made the animals for her nieces cake.

I just can't believe they're 2 already.  The great thing about this week is that I get to make a cake and matching cupcakes like Connor's all over again for a very special little boy who's turning 5!


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