Young Women's New Beginnings Night

Sunday was an exciting night for all the young women but particularly those who are turing 12 which included my Maddie.  We 'boarded a bus' and went on a safari ride spotting the 8 young women's values 'animals'. It was a fantastic night and the young women did such a fantastic job.

I had the fun job of providing 60 cupcakes for the night.  Each of the 8 values has its own special colour so we had flowers to represent each of those. If you're curious what those values might be click here.

You can't have a safari without some little monkeys.  The cupcakes are medium size chocolate cupcakes with buttercream icing.  I've been using the Costco Kirkland butter since Costco opened here.  It's rather novel for us here in Australia to actually have butter in really live 'sticks'.  Apart from been so terribly cute, the butter is white and creamy and requires much less beating time.  Once you add the white icing sugar you have a beautiful white buttercream.  I don't add vanilla when I'm doing white buttercream so as to not 'muddy' the lovely white.
 For the fondant flowers and monkeys I used white Satin Ice Rolled Fondant which was coloured with the Wilton Icing Colours.  The shade of colours created was fabulous.  Made a couple of days earlier you may find that the colour can change overnight and becomes a much richer colour.  
I do love these beautiful fondant flowers.  Check out my next post which has the beautiful photos taken of the cupcakes made for a thirteenths birthday.

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